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FedBiz IT Solutions Celebrated as 2016 Washington Family Business Awards Honoree

SmartCEO Family Business Awards

On May 9, 2016,?SmartCEO celebrated Nina Tiaga,?CEO and CFO of FedBiz IT Solutions, and?Don Tiaga,?President of FedBiz IT Solutions, as?award honorees?at the 2016 Washington Family Business Awards. Watch the video below featuring Nina and Don, along with other 2016?honorees, to hear about the rewards?of running a family-owned business.?


Let the end result of your dream become your focal point and the source of strength that fuels your path toward entrepreneurship.”

– Nina Tiaga, CEO

Look for SmartCEO’s profile of FedBiz IT Solutions in the May/June print edition of SmartCEO Magazine?and?view the digital article here. ?

2016 Washington Family Business Awards – Group 1